Thursday, February 24, 2011

Science Night!

Ah, I just got home from Science Night at school.
It was a great night for parents to come and experience science.
We had scientist come in to demonstrate.
There were experiments in the classrooms.
And students had to visit the crime scene in the gym
to figure out who the lizard snatcher was!

My team did an experiment on Conductors & Insulators.
Honestly, I was so busy explaining acid and base in the crime scene
that I didn't make it down to see how the experiment was going.
But, I heard it went well. And it looked fun. :)

Here is the hand-out for the experiment if you
want to try it out in your classroom.
You will need to build a circuit with a light bulb
and battery to test the objects.

The best part of Science Night was the excitement of the
Crime Scene. Right before school got out, we announced that
one of the teacher's pet lizard was found missing.
So, we were changing our plans for Science Night to
search for who took the pet lizard.
Students totally believed the whole story!
I picked up my kids from art and they were buzzing with excitement.

Here is the crime scene set up in the gym.

We discovered that it was our janitor that took the lizard!
I'm excited to hear their reactions tomorrow.

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