Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mitten Multiplication

My kids love playing games this year. Not word searches, suduko or crossword puzzles.
But hands-on competition.

I came across a fabulous math game on Swamp Frog First Graders blog.

Side note: Why are there so many wonderful first grade blogs out there?
And upper elementary blogs are far and few between?
All those first grade blogs tempt me to move down.
Okay, side note done.

She has posted a download for "Fill the Mitten with Addition"
Follow the link to find it!

Addition is great for fourth graders to practice, but...
I really needed multiplication practice for my kids.

So, I printed out the game and changed some of the numbers
so that my kids could play it with multiplication.

And it is awesome for fourth graders!

There is strategy to try to fill in the whole mitten.
There is competition.
There is multiplication practice.
It can last for a long time or you can end it in the middle and
just count how many pieces were filled in.

Do you know any other awesome math games?

(Thanks Heidi for creating the game!)

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