Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Book Board

Need an easy board?
That works with any and every theme?
Well, here you go...

I usually end up with some version of this board
at the beginning of the school year.
When there isn't any student work to hang up,
but you still want your room to look nice.

I'm sure most of you have done some board
similar to this. It isn't anything too original.
But I love looking at other people's boards
and hopefully it will spark an idea for you.

We'll start with this year's version.
I had/have a Western theme.
I bought some thick rope to use around the words.
I love making boards 3D.

This might be my favorite theme that I've done.
But who doesn't love little fish?

Last year, I had a safari theme. So fun!
It also was the year that I got my Cricut so I was
all about using nice huge letters. :)

Sadly, I lost some pictures of my classroom
from my travel theme year.
And I can't remember if I did a board like this or not.
However, let's pretend that I had one
and labeled it "Books Take You Places"

See works for every theme. :)
Any ideas to add?

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