Thursday, August 25, 2011

Whooo Loves School!

Where it All Goes Down Wednesday (Teacher Week)
or Thursday... I was a little preoccupied with visiting my new niece yesterday...

I said it before and I'll say it again,
I LOVE getting my classroom ready for the beginning of school!

This year I chose to do an OWL theme!

Here is the view from the door:

My desk area:

Always a good reminder...

Class Helpers:

School Theme Verse:

Book Boxes and Leveled Readers- finally organized!
(Don't worry- I fixed the book boxes on the bottom
after I took the picture- they look as good as new!)

Extra Supplies:

Birthday Hats!

Reading Board:

I know I'm missing a few pictures- it was a little late last night
when I finished putting the finishing touches on the room,
but overall there is my room this year!

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' Teacher Week
and can't wait to see everyone's classrooms!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Week- Meet the Teacher

This week is Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin'!

Last year, I participated in Abby's (from Inspired Apple) Teacher Week
and had so much fun meeting teachers and seeing their ideas.
It seems like over the year teacher blogs have popped up like crazy,
so I'm excited to meet some more teachers and discover their blogs.

And yes, today is Tuesday and this post is for yesterday...but I think it'll be okay.

So, here we go-

Tell us a little something about you.

I've been married for 3 years.
We are expecting our first child- a baby boy- in November.

We also have a labradoodle named Winston.
Who is not so little anymore.

How long have you been teaching?
This year will be my sixth year teaching.
Which sounds crazy to me.
All six years, I have taught 4th grade.
And all six year, I have been at the same school.

What are you looking forward to most this year?
I love setting up my classroom. So, I always look forward to that.
I also am excited to see what personalities I will have in my class this year-
every class is just a little bit different!

What do you need to improve?
This year, my goal is to be very organized.
Since I'm planning on having a long term sub in my room,
I want to make sure that she can find everything!
I've spent quite a bit of time this summer going through
cupboards, labeling boxes and tossing things that aren't necessary any more.

What teaching supply can you not live without?
Hmmm, so many little things, but probably
the biggest would be my computer. I have so many
documents and resources on it- I'd be lost with out it!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Teacher Planner Love

Last weekend, my teacher planner from Erin Condren!
I've been patiently (or not so much) waiting
for it to come!

It is the perfect planner!
They have thought of pretty much everything to put in it.
There are pages for seating charts, absent logs, monthly calendars,
birthdays, sub notes, student check list,note pages, holidays, planning pages,
a folder and a pouch to hold all that extra stuff...

and it is super cute! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Markers, Crayons and Colored Pencils- Oh My!

I love having crayons, markers and colored pencils available
for my students to borrow.
It makes it easy to keep going with a lesson when a
certain color is needed since my students know
that they can borrow one if they can't find their own.

In the past, I have used photo boxes for containers,
but I found these lovely containers for this year.
Of course, from... where else?
The Target Dollar Spot. :)
(Although I saw pretty much the same ones at the Dollar Store too)

They are plastic (=sturdy), colorful and have
handles perfect for little hands!

I also decided a bit of labeling was necessary,
so out came the Cricut and some vinyl...
hit a few buttons and wah-lah!

Don't they just scream- "Use Me!" ?