Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First Year Rewind- Best & Worst BB Ideas

We all know that the first year of teaching is a year full of trial and error...
so here is the best and worse board ideas of the first few months of my first year.

First, we'll start with the worse...

Let's just start with the fact that somehow I ended up working at as a receptionist for a few days a week the summer before I started teaching. I ended up working there until right before school started. Which meant lots of late nights at school- not all bad- there was no one else there to distract me and my mom came and helped me out a ton!

Anyways, it was the night before our school's open house
and my room had to be all ready.
I still had nothing for the back of the door and instead of
leaving it like a normal person,
I was determined to think of something to put there.
So, "The Scoop of the Day" was created.

This was the WORSE idea ever.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.
But really think about it.
Did you have time to come up with a scoop every
morning your first year of teaching?
(If you did, more power to you.)
I mean, maybe if it was "The Scoop of the Week"
or "...of the Month"
but really,

Yeah, crazy.
That's what it made me...CrAzY!

On to the BEST idea...

Not that it was the best idea ever.
It was just the best idea in the first 3 months of teaching.
And I still like this idea. :)

May I introduce...Touchdown Time!

I had a class full of football lovers and fast finishers.
So, touchdown time was created full of puzzles and extra learning activities.
They could help themselves to it and I just had to change it 1-2 times a week.

In fact it was such a hit that I used a similar baseball board later that year.
This time I filled the baseball folders with puzzles and put their
names on baseballs around the board and every time
they made it to home plate they added a star to their baseball.

So, that's the scoop for today. :)

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