Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

We celebrated Valentine's Day on Friday since we have a PD day on Monday.
I'm not sure who scheduled that, but anyhow that's how it is.

I love Valentine's Day!
It is such a fun holiday to celebrate at school!

I was hoping to have time to make my kids some cute Valentines, but
instead I was at Target at 9:30 at night on Thursday finding something to give them.

I went with Play-Doh Valentines.

Can we just talk about how Valentines come in packages of 20?
Why not 15, 25 or 30?
As far as I know not many classes are less than 20
(although I been lucky to have had a few)
nor are there classes that have 40 students in them.

Moving on...

After passing out Valentines, we started our Valentine Workshop.

Basically, I give my kids a packet of Valentine activities to work on and when they finish each one they are able to choose a treat such as a notepad, pencil, or candy hearts.

They always get so into it!

Here is the front cover of the packet with the poems for each activity.

Some of the activities that I have in the packet are from
Laura Candler's file cabinet.

Also, can I just show you two of the adorable Valentines that my students gave me?

"I Dig You" filled with pencils, note cards and notepads.

And how perfect for a teacher!
Chocolates and a Chalkboard!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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