Monday, February 28, 2011

Reader's Choice

How many are you are Beth Newingham fans?
Come on, I know you're out there...
If you haven't visited her class website or
read her posts at Scholastic, you are missing out!

I came across her class website my first year of teaching
and was amazed at this super teacher.
Super teacher is no exaggeration- you'll see, you'll see. :)

One of her ideas that I have used
is her Reader's Choice board.

It asks students a very simple question-
Would you recommend this book to others?

I don't have this board up all year, but usually choose about
4 books or so to have students read and decide
whether or not they would recommend the book.

I usually choose books that either have a theme or topic
that I want to discuss as a class or have something to do
with something else we are studying.

A couple of easy (and perhaps obvious) hints-
1) Mine is on a magnetic white board which makes it easy for
students to move their name around.
2) The name cards you see here are made just out of construction paper
and magnets, but an easier way to make them is just to order the
magnets from VistaPrint and write student names on them.
3) I just color copied my book covers and laminated them.
4) Go here to look at Beth Newingham's board and download the
Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down sign.

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  1. I love Beth Newingham! I also have that board implemented. I teach reading and keep the board up all year. Each group votes on a new book about once a week and then we graph the results and hang the graphs in the hallway for other students to check out.
    You can see my bulletin board and graphs here: