Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today, I got all my Valentine's ready for our 
class party tomorrow!
I love Valentine's Day parties at school!

This year, I decided to go with bubbles.
I saw this idea from Simply Modern Mom on 
Pinterest and thought it was perfect.  
I changed the wording on the card just so it would 
fit better for a teacher Valentine. 
If you don't want to, you can just 
print her cute ones right off. :)

I sent mine off to Office Depot and they 
printed them on nice blue cardstock.
Picked them up, cut them, hole punched them
and strung them together.

Can't wait to give them to my kids!

Last year, I went with bouncy balls.
Super easy!

What kind of Valentine's are you giving you students?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day Goodies and a Freebie

Yay!  So excited that Valentine's Day is this week!
It is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate at school.

Since my kiddos are only at school Monday, Wednesday and Friday,
we are having our party on Wednesday afternoon.  Should be fun!

Also, because my class is a 3 day class, we aren't celebrating 100 day
yet, so I have the whole week to focus on hearts and love! :)

On Friday, we painted symmetrical hearts.  They turned out adorable!
Our room was quite a mess, but boy did the kids have fun. 

This week, we'll be playing I Have, Who Has with our Sight Words.  
Click HERE to purchase from my tpt store.

And practicing number words, ordering teen numbers, counting tally marks, 
placing numbers before and after and practicing simple addition with my Math Centers.

And even though I don't teach 4th grade anymore, 
it still has part of my heart, so I made a I Have, Who Has game 
for multiplying.  My 4th graders would have loved this!

And now for the FREEBIE!
Click HERE for this lovely worksheet!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winter Love

Ah, I'm loving all the winter fun my class has been having!

Earlier in January, we made these sweet mittens to practice symmetry.
They colored the designs in crayon and then water colored over them.
We cut them out and added some yarn to tie them together- too sweet.

My class loved imagining what snowmen do at night!
I used this craft that I saw on The First Grade Parade blog.
I know that a few other classrooms have done it too.
I LOVE kindergarten art projects! :)

 And we used my Winter Wonderland Centers.
My kids are loving them.
Excuse the poor iphone photos and the fact that there is
 no work on the worksheets, but I decided winter is coming to a close
so I should probably just take some pictures and get them up. :)

My door is the perfect place to put up sight words for a Snowflake Sight Word center.
Plus don't the penguins just look like they are cheering you on?

We've been working hard on number words!  

My kids love working on tally marks!
Especially when we chant our tally mark poem.
Found HERE through pinterest.

We are getting pretty good at counting by fives!

Colors and pictures make ten-frames THAT much more fun!

Who doesn't love kindergarten spelling?
We practice sounding out words everyday!

Interested in our Winter Centers?
Check them out here: