Monday, September 12, 2011

What are In Those Boxes???

In my classroom, I have a bookcase full of magazine files which are from
IKEA.  They are plain white and cheap. (You can view them here) I used
to let my kids decorate their own on the first day of school and while
it was a nice time filler for the first day of school, I realized that
1) A bit of me cringed when I had to look at a magazine file that
was scribbled over and misspelled the whole year
2) Most likely 99.9% of the students toss their magazine file
in the garbage 2 minutes after they finish 4th grade
I went ahead and decorated them myself.
A little scrapbook paper and glue does a magazine file some good.
I put some packaging tape over the paper to make them more durable
and added numbers so I didn't have to redo them every year.
This is their second year.  I might need to replace them next year,
but we'll see- they look pretty good so far.
Anyways, on to what is actually kept in the boxes...

I've tried doing these a few different ways, but this year I'm all
about keeping it simple.
Students keep the book they are reading as well as a
reading journal in their book boxes.  We may add some other
book information as the year goes on, but to start with- that is it.

The notebook looks like this:
(I can't figure out how to turn it around, so just turn your head, I guess)

On the inside of notebook cover there is a question guide.
The questions range from-
*What genre is the book?*
*What character are you most like and why?*

On the other page is a list of what each student is reading.

Here is the inside of one of my student's notebooks.
They pick the question each time they independently read,
write the date so I know what book it goes with and
writes down their thoughts and answers.

It's quick, easy and keeps each student accountable for their reading.

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  1. What a great idea, I love the reading notebooks. I think I will start doing it with some of my independent readers. Are all of your questions comprehension based? Would you be willing to share your question list?