Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Desk Fairy...I Spy Edition

My students have eagerly been awaiting a visit from 
The Desk Fairy.  They have asked pretty much
everyday since I mentioned that she sometimes visits our
room to check for clean desks.
Well, today was the day!

The Desk Fairy found cute little magnifying glasses
at the Dollar Store which also happened to fit in perfectly with our writing
assignment this week where we wrote I Spy paragraphs.

Then, she typed out small little messages that either said:
I spy a very clean desk!
I spy a fairly clean desk.
I spy a messy desk. :(

They had to use their magnifying glass to read
the small message.

It was so fun to watch them use their magnifying glasses!
They wanted to read what everyone's note said
and they can't wait for The Desk Fairy to make her return. :)

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