Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Day Preview

Ah, sorry for the lack of posts. I just finished one of those weeks of school that
I dread every cards were due and we had parent/teacher conferences.
Somehow I also decided to throw in Spring Fun Day which made for a crazy, crazy week.

We had a lot of fun on Spring Fun Day! And I have plenty of more details and
activities to share later, but I thought I'd start with these two...

For this activity we practiced sorting verbs, adjectives, and nouns.
The clip art is from Lettering Delights.
I LOVE lettering delights- they have such cute things!

It really is pretty basic.
The kids put down the rainboot, umbrella and sun down on their work area
and then pulled out the raindrops and sorted them into the correct groups.

*Update- I added this activity to my Teacher's Notebook store.
You may purchase them here.*

I love this next activity!
You could do it as a class or put it out as a challenge activity.
I used pinwheel clipart which was from the same set as the pictures above.
Students need to add, subtract, multiply or divide the four numbers
so that they equal 24.
I got my puzzles from mathplayground which would be a fun game
to play in the computer lab too.
My students worked hard on this activity and it was
great to see them using math skills we have practiced this year!

*Update- I added these to my Teacher's Notebook store.
You can purchase them in my store here.*

More to come! Hope you are having a relaxing weekend!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your activity! It's adorable!

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