Sunday, May 29, 2011

End of the Year Scrapbooks

Who's counting the days of school left?
6.5 for me.
We have lots planned in those 6.5 days and but I also have lots of "stuff" to
finish up such as report cards and fun things like that.

But, I did accomplish one end of the year task today... scrapbooks!

I love making these and love giving them to my students on the last day!

I assemble a paper bag scrapbook for each student.
I tried to find you a video on you tube to explain how to assemble them,
but they have way more complicated ones that I make,
so I'll do my best to explain it.

Take two jumbo paper bags. (Target is the only place I have found these.)

Place them on top of each other in opposite ways, so that
each side will have an opening of one of the bags.

Fold the bags in half.

Punch four holes along the side. This will be your binding which
you will tie together using ribbons.

Then, it will be time to glue down your paper.
I use all different types and patterns of scrapbook paper.
It is easiest to take your scrapbook paper to school and use the
heavy duty paper cutter there to cut it into the size squares you need.
You will need 7 papers for each book.

I like to use rubber cement to glue the papers in.
However, I discovered this year that it is a regulated
product, so you have to give the cashier your date of birth
and phone number. So, don't plan on using too much. Or stock up now. :)
Who knew?

Your book will have two pockets in it.
One I use to stuff the left over pictures that I have of the students in as well
as a note that I write to each student.
The other I use to put a copy of the DVD that I make for the students.
They work perfectly!

Once all the papers are glued in, then it is time for the pictures!
I take lots of pictures throughout the year and print off at least 6 for each
student (it is nice to have a couple extra to stuff in their pockets).

The final touch is adding their names.
I use letter stickers and plain colored cardstock.

Ta-da! My students always seem to love looking at theirs on
the last day and it is a nice memory of the year that they can take with them.

If you don't have time to make them for this year, you can always
start making them this summer for next year. Just put the books together,
glue the paper in and then next year you just need to add the names and pictures.

Also, sorry for not posting in FOREVER! I'm finally able to stay up past 8pm.
To see why I've been going to bed so early, visit this post on my personal blog. ;)


  1. Great idea and thanks for sharing it! Let's follow each other and keep in touch!

  2. Oh my goodness! That is just too cute. LOVE the idea!!