Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Math Card Holders

Recognize these?

If you do, you must have Chicago Everyday Mathematics like me.

We use these these cards for all sorts of math games
and while they aren't too much of a pain to store,
I never really had the perfect system.

At one conference, it was recommended to me to make different
color lines across the top of the cards, but honestly
those lines are really, really hard to see when you have
one little tiny card with one little tiny yellow line on it.

Of course, my cards were all rubber-banded, but have you
noticed how much 4th graders love rubber bands?
Really that should be re-phrased as 4th grade BOYS.

This summer I was at the Dollar Store and noticed these pretties...

Gift Card Holders.
They are cute and durable and fit math cards in them perfectly!


Now, I few extra notes...
1) My dollar store inconveniently stopped selling these, but
you can find them at Michaels as well as other stores, I'm sure.
2) They don't fit ALL the cards, but 95% of the games we play
only use card numbers 1-10 which they do fit nicely.
I just have the extra cards on the side in case we need them.


  1. I have lettered my EDM cards. Each card in the set i wrote a letter on them on the top corner and they are all in ziplock baggies! It has worked well so far this year, and I have not even had to replace a ziplock baggie yet! I am a first year teacher and when I got the sets of cards they were all in a big tub, with 20 some odd decks mixed up....So I had to take the time to sort through them all and get the decks straight because you know that each card has a different picture for the number or a different fraction on the back....It was very time consuming but I had the kids help to keep them in on being responsible for keeping them organized!!

    I loove the gift card holder idea though!

  2. I LOVE THIS!!! My boxes are starting to rip and it is driving me CRAZY!!!