Sunday, May 27, 2012

When I'm a Grandparent...

A while ago, we had our annual Grandparent's Day at school.
So much fun!  The kids put on their musical for their Grandparents and then 
the Grandparents were able to visit the classrooms and the art fair.
It is always such a special day!

In the past, 4th grade had written stories about what they would do when
they are the grandparent (take their grandchildren to the zoo, vacation in Florida, etc.).
However, 3rd grade ended up doing that same project without realizing it, so 
this year 4th grade tried something different.

I read about LessonPlanSOS's Mother's Day project here which was inspired by Finally in First's 100 Year Old project here and put the two of those projects together to come up with this one. :)

Students had $5.00 to spend on their supplies.
There was lots of fun stuff to choose from!

Then, they wrote 10 adjectives that would describe themselves as Grandparents.

And away they went, putting their materials together!

I love the hair!

This one was a "karate" Grandma.

Don't you love the glasses chain?

The Grandparents thought they were great (of course!) and the kids had so much fun creating them.


  1. Where can I get the glasses template?

    1. Hi Sophie!
      I actually just drew them and then copied them for the kids. I would draw (or use the shape feature in Word) your face first and then draw your glasses to fit your faces.

  2. Did u make the head template also?