Monday, May 28, 2012

Conference Notes

I'm sure none of you are actually doing conferences right now,
but file these away for later or use them
any time to encourage your little ones!

I love having my kids write notes to their parents telling them
how much they love them or how great they are, so I quick made this
note for spring conferences and ran them off on bright colored paper.
Click on the picture to download the file

However, the day got away from me this spring and so I didn't have time for my
kids to write the notes.  Instead, I decided to put them out in the hallway for parents
to write notes to their kids on.  I"m so glad I did!
My kids loved getting a note in their locker from their parents 
telling them how awesome they are and why.
The reasons the parents wrote down were so sweet and 
2 months later they are ALL still in their lockers.
I always leave out paper for parents to write notes, 
but for some reason the sentence starter worked well for them too. :)

I have had my kids write notes to their parents on them,
but of course you could write notes to your kids on them too!

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