Sunday, February 23, 2014

Valentine's Day Symmetrical Hearts

Whew!  My kids were SO excited for Valentine's Day this year!
We could not wait for our party to start.
After lunch is a long time to wait when you're five/six.

A few days before, we decorated our room with 
Symmetrical Hearts.
They are always so colorful and perfect for the holiday!

I copied half of a heart on a large piece of 
white construction paper and folded it in half.

Then I showed the kids how to paint on one half of their heart.  
And quickly before the paint dried, they needed to fold it over.

It never transfers perfectly, but it at least gives the 
kids an outline so that they can fill the blank parts 
in with paint to complete their symmetrical heart.

While we waited patiently (or not) for our party time to arrive, 
we decorated bags to put our Valentine's in.
We also played some candy heart games 
from The First Grade Parade.  My kids loved them!

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