Sunday, June 17, 2012

Theme Flashback- Ocean Style

I LOVE LOVE LOVE setting up my classroom!

Every year I think that maybe the next year I'll reuse one of my themes,
but so far that has never happened. :)
I know that I lot of people are getting ready for next year and looking
for ideas for their new theme, so I thought it might be time to 
post my themes from the past.

The further back the theme goes, the less pictures I have of them unfortunately.
But I'll share what I have.
In the past, I have done an ocean, safari, travel, western and owl theme.

So, here we go with the ocean theme....

I love the little fish calendar numbers.
I used the little fish cutouts for calendars that are aqua on one side and orange on the other.
Then, I cut scrapbook paper to add some pizazz and some stickers.

I also love my the title of my hot lunch/intermural/miscellaneous board.
I found the idea on - so cute!

My traditional book bulletin board to start off the school year...

I always laugh when I see this board...
First of all, the fabric for this board was quite something- 
it wasn't quite the right size for the board, so a lot of piecing together
went on- it was like a puzzle!  Also, I had great intentions of putting up student
work each week, but sadly it didn't really work out that way.

One of my favorite birthday displays I have done.
It was just too time consuming to do again!
If I were to make them again, I would laminate them before
I put the names on so I could use them again.
(I erased their names from these, but each cupcake had 
the student's name and birthday on it)

My Student of the Week board...
when they were student of the week, I gave them
a starfish to take home- they loved it!

The board outside my room...welcoming students to 4th grade!
Each surfboard had a student's name on it.
The surfboards were actually wall stick-ons that I just laminated.

And locker nametags...
to match the rest of the fish!

I think this is one theme that I may use again with some new ideas.

Well, there is my o"fish"ial post on my ocean theme...enjoy!

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