Monday, June 11, 2012

IPAD apps- Take 1

Our school got a set of ipads for the last month or so of school.
I've had so much fun exploring and finding apps for my kids to use.
The kids love using the ipads! And they are so easy to use and set up!

So,  here is take 1 of my app reviews.
All of the apps are FREE apps!

This app was so much fun and a hit with my students.
It's great practice for their multiplication skills and a bit addicting to play. :)
My only complaint is that the add on the bottom of the screen makes
it impossible to see the numbers on the last row of bubbles.
If you only have one ipad available to use with your students, 
you could have a "Bubble" tournament.  I had students work in partners
and then we recorded the top scores.  Great practice!

This is like an educational Frogger game. So fun!
I was worried that my students would not like it since
it was a game that worked on grammar skills, but I was wrong!
Many of them choose to play this during their free choice time.
It has the option to work on math, words, or grammar.
The only downside is that if you want to unlock all of the games
you need to play $2.99.

This game is just too cute!  It was a little too cute for
my 4th grade boys, but my girls still liked it.
Basically you are given a shopping list and some money 
and you have to go to the store, find the items and check out.
It's was interesting seeing who knew where the items might be in the
store and who had no idea.  They also have to make sure that they
have enough money, so it is good practice for finding the list expensive price.

This is a great math skill game with lots of different levels to challenge students.
Students have to put numbers together to create the number written on the fish.
Great practice and a great way to differentiate for students!

This game was a little tricky for some of my students.
But, it really made them learn what a factor is!
Once they got the hang of it, they loved it!
Just make sure to start on the lowest level first
so they don't get frustrated.  It is a great game for upper el!

This game is great for kindergarten!  It has kids sort and count
candy in all sorts of ways!  It only has one game open for free,
there are others for purchase.  But, it is well worth downloading for
the free game! 

I'll be back with more another time!


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  2. Kristina,
    Great post! Thanks so much for the app reviews. I can't wait to download them.