Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Markers, Crayons and Colored Pencils- Oh My!

I love having crayons, markers and colored pencils available
for my students to borrow.
It makes it easy to keep going with a lesson when a
certain color is needed since my students know
that they can borrow one if they can't find their own.

In the past, I have used photo boxes for containers,
but I found these lovely containers for this year.
Of course, from... where else?
The Target Dollar Spot. :)
(Although I saw pretty much the same ones at the Dollar Store too)

They are plastic (=sturdy), colorful and have
handles perfect for little hands!

I also decided a bit of labeling was necessary,
so out came the Cricut and some vinyl...
hit a few buttons and wah-lah!

Don't they just scream- "Use Me!" ?


  1. These look great! I was thinking about doing a few smaller versions so that table groups can grab one for their group!

  2. i love your organization! this makes me want to go back to school shopping for all the fun goodies that i have no use for!

  3. I love the corner cabinet - makes good use of space and looks great!

    Down Under Teacher