Friday, September 28, 2012

Polka Dots and Bees!

Oh my- it's been a while!  I've been gearing up 
and getting ready this summer 
for a switch from 4th grade to kindergarten!

We have already had a few weeks of school, 
but I'll start with a tour of my classroom this year.  
I had so much fun putting together my room!

 The view from my desk.  I wish we could have balloons in our room everyday.
Well...maybe not on second thought...but they were fun for our open house! :)

Our meeting area...
that polka dot rug was just sitting there 
waiting to be bought for my classroom- it's perfect for my theme!

There a few pinterest projects in my room...and this is one of them!
A $7.00 craigslist table, can of spray paint and chalkboard paint = a perfect art area table

Love the polka dot seat pennants!
It's easy for the kids to find their seat and doubles as being adorable!
(Obviously the blurred part is where their name is)

Polka Dot boxes tied to the balloons...more on these to come later.
(tags from schoolgirlstyle)

Table numbers
polka dot and bees of course!

Always a good reminder...right above our sink

Our Word Wall
Just missing the part that says it's our word wall :)

Our door from the inside
(bees inspired by First Last!)

And a little higher...

I just HAD to have these when I spotted them!

My new book rack that my father-in-law made for me...

Another view of our meeting area

Our reading table and view out our windows.
The flowers cheer up our room every morning!

The outside board...

I'm loving having a board where I can just switch their work in and out quickly!  
I cut out frames from scrapbook paper, painted clothespins and added some ribbon and chalkboard label for their names.  You can see it in the background of some of the pictures.  I should have taken a picture before I put all their names and pictures up.  Trying to blur that all out messed up some of the pictures...when it comes down at the end of the year,
 I'll try taking another one.

Our playing area full of games, legos, and magnets!
Did I mention magnets!?

The Trust in the Lord poster was just printed
at Office Depot.  $3.00 for a large poster?  Yes, please!


  1. Love, Love your room ! It is so bright & cheerful!:)

  2. I have to ask, where you found the polka dotted rug? I am doing a bee theme in my 2nd grade room this year. I had to switch rooms and it needs some pizazz! LOVE your room!

  3. LOVE this!! I would love to learn here :)

  4. Your room is gorgeous! I love everything about it! I have to you know where the white shelves under your whiteboard are from! I am looking for something to put under my whiteboard and that looks perfect!

  5. Love Love Love your classroom! So BEEautiful

  6. What fun! What a beautiful room! Did you pay for the decorations and balloons and boxes out of pocket or do you get a budget from the school? It looks like you had a lot of fun!