Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Southeast Suitcase Folders

This year, we started a new Social Studies curriculum.  We get to study the Regions of the US.  My 4th grade team has been having a fun (and busy!) time coming  up with creative ideas on how to teach the regions.

We just finished studying the Southeast region.

We decided to create “suitcases” out of file folders.  On one side of the folder, we had them glue down their Southeast map once it was labeled and colored.

November 042

On the other side of the folder, they were able to decorate their suitcase.

As we visited each place, we gave them a sticker to put on their suitcase.

Suitcase2November 040Suitcase

On the inside, were the flaps.

The folder started out blank.  Then, as we visited each place, the students received another part of the picture.  Soon they discovered that the final picture was a riverboat!

November 043

When the flaps are opened, you can read three facts about what they learned as well as a picture to represent the place.  For some places, we also printed out pictures for them to glue on their flaps.

November 044November 046November 045


  1. Love this idea. Wish I had found this BEFORE I started my map skills unit.

  2. Thank you! Is there any way you can post the file for the picture flaps? :)

  3. I love this. Is there any way to get more info? :)