Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Sorry for the lack of posts...we've been without power for a few days at our house.
Which was NOT fun, but it left plenty of time to finish my Boggle boards. :)

I have seen a few posts lately on using Boggle in the classroom.
Primary Perspective found the cutest mini-boggle games and
The First Grade Parade has some great lower-el Boggle boards for the SMARTboard.

Which got me thinking...
I used Boggle in my room a few years ago.
We played it as a whole class and as a center.
It was why did I stop?
Seriously, have you used a regular Boggle game lately?
It is LOUD! And the kids loved it. :)
Unfortunately, it was hard to hear anything else going on in the room.
So, I stopped.

But really, it was a great game to work on word recognition.
And if I had a SMARTboard that would be a great way to play it quietly, but I don't.
So, I made up some pre-made Boggle boards, a record sheet and an answer sheet.
(Click on any picture to download the sheet or click here to download from TeachersPayTeachers)

Here is the Boggle board.
They just need to fill out the board on their sheet which makes it
easier for them to find words (and I can see if their words really existed).
Here are the Boggle Boards. There are 8.
I went to to generate some of the boards.
If you do this, make sure to check your boards for letters
that you may not wish to have together. I had to rearrange a few of mine.
I printed them, cut them and put them on some colorful
construction paper. On the back, I labeled what
number board each is.

And here are the answer keys...
It's nice to just take them out and impress your 4th graders
how many words you can find- you'll amaze them!

I found a Boggle Solver on-line.
You do have to weed through their list,
but that's a lot easier than finding all the words yourself!
We played it together as a class last Friday.
It was a great challenge for my high kids and
together we were able to show the other kids how
to play. I'm excited to add this game into
a center again this year. A quiet center.


  1. Thanks for sharing, love the idea!

  2. Amazing!! Thank you for sharing!
    I am so doing this :)

    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  3. thank you so much for sharing this resource...awesome! i am a new follower :)

    ps your blog is lovely!

  4. At the same time everyone is given the same letters. When you find while you earn points according to the words. Selected letters will be given to you in connection with letters at least 3 letters long, can play a game of finding words

  5. Hi there! I found your activity through Pinterest. I'll be using it tomorrow in class :) Come visit me when you get a chance.

    -tania, your newest follower
    Live, Love, Laugh in 2nd Grade

  6. I found you on Pinterest and LOVE this idea. My homeschool group is doing an Activity Swap for lower elementary kids, and I'm making this for all of my friends!

  7. Like some previous commenters - I found you via Pinterest! Thank you for the jump start on some already created boards! You are so thoughful!

    -New follower

  8. thanks for the great info on where to find the boggle stuff. I am your newest follower. Stop by my blog when you have the chance.

  9. Thanks for sharing this wonderful resource.

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  11. Hello, These Boggle boards are AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing. For some reason the answer keys will not let me download them. Is there anyway I am able to access them a different way?